dragon speaking issue- fails to install on Microsoft Windows

Dragon NaturallySpeaking fails to??install??on Microsoft Windows 7 Call For Support : +1-8002629839 Problem: When attempting to??install??Dragon NaturallySpeaking on Microsoft Windows, the??installation??may fail. After the first “Welcome” screen, the “Next” button is not active and a message appears stating that the??installation??was interrupted. Cause: During an upgrade??installation??of Microsoft Windows (on a computer with a previous operating system) a “Windows.old” folder is created. The “Windows.old” folder is created in the root of the Windows partition and contains the previous operating system files and other personal files. This Dragon NaturallySpeaking??installation??problem??may occur when the new Microsoft Windows??installation??was a different language than the previous Windows??installation. Solution: To bypass the??installation??conflict, we recommend renaming the existing “C:\Windows.old” folder.… Read More

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