Excel 2010 not responding, hangs, freezes or stops working

This article discusses troubleshooting steps that can help resolve issues when you receive an “Excel not responding” error, or Excel hangs or freezes when you launch Excel, open a file or save a file. Excel 2010 not responding Problems with Excel hanging, freezing or not responding may occur for one or more of the following reasons: This issue can occur if you have not installed the latest updates. Excel may be in use by another process. A previously installed add-in may be interfering with Excel. You may need to repair your Office 2010 programs. Antivirus software may be outdated, or conflicting with Excel. Advanced TroubleshootingAnother program may be conflicting with… Read More

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Eliminate Microsoft Excel Issues

The new Excel offers a rich set of charting capabilities that make creating and customizing charts simpler and more intuitive. One part of the fluid new experience is the Formatting Task pane. In the new Excel, the Format dialog box is replaced by the Formatting Task pane. The pane aligns neatly with the right or left side of the screen, so it’s less likely to obscure the chart, and changes happen in real time, so you can immediately see how your choices affect the chart. The Formatting Task pane also offers an element selector so you can jump quickly between different elements without having to select one to modify.The new… Read More

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