Solve Adobe Photoshop problems and issues by keeping it up-to-date


1. Check if you have the latest Flash Player version for your computer.

To find the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for your operating system (OS) and browser, go to Flash Player Help.

2. Check out the information on common Flash Player problems.

3. Search Adobe Support.

In the Search field above, type your problem description to search for possible solutions.

4. Use error codes to narrow down your issue.

If you remember the error codes that appeared in the error messages, type them in the Search field above or on the Flash Player forum page. You can use these error codes to narrow the search results. Some error code examples:

1Flash Player Error 2048
1Error #1502--Flash Player

5. Search for a similar question or ask your own question on the Flash Player forum.

Type the description of your problem in the search box on the Flash Player forum to search online discussions. You can also post your problem on the forum. 

6. File a bug.

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, you may have found a bug—a defect or flaw—in Adobe Flash Player. Let Adobe know if you believe you’ve found a bug or have a suggestion to improve Flash Player.

You can report a bug by filing a report on the Report a Flash Player crash page. 

7. Check for more solutions.

If you’re having any of the following issues with Flash Player, see Troubleshoot games, video, audio | Mac or Flash Player games, video, or audio don’t work | Windows:

  • Latest version of Flash Player doesn’t display video
  • I can’t hear rich media content even though I have the latest version of Flash
  • Webcam issues (Mac OS)

If your video quality is poor in Flash Player, see Poor video quality | Flash Player.

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