Poppit! Bingo game not working or loading

Poppit! Bingo game not working or loading This will require you to be at least Level 3, because it requires the use of the free power-ups which are unlocked at Level 3. This technique works best when you play 4 cards (available at Level 7), and don’t worry too much about keeping up with calling bingo — the Cactus Cannon (available at Level 6) will pick up any bingos you miss.

Using only the Golden Balloon power-up (shown to the right) sets you up for chains of huge super-pops, since popping one Golden Balloon will also pop every other Golden Balloon touching it. If you’ve used the Golden Balloon power-up twice, that could be 6 balloons popped on one number.

If you’ve used it 3 times it could be 9, and so on. To increase your chances of chaining together Golden Balloons, use the trash can icon to trash any power-up that isn’t the Golden Balloons. In addition, after you trash a power-up the meter starts 1/3 already filled, giving you a fresh power-up every 2 pops.

In the first room, it’s likely there will be fewer players who have access to power-ups and fewer players with access to four cards. For some easy wins without spending a lot of tickets, try using this Golden Balloons Technique in the Pyramids of Giza room. Overall you will earn less XP, Cactus Cash, and tickets, but you’ll be spending less tickets and Cactus Cash too.

At the end of the round, use the Cactus Cannon. If you’ve got Golden Balloons, you will get a few extra bingos plus pick up the ones you may have missed due to falling a little behind.

The Cactus Cannon may seem like a lot of Cactus Cash to spend all at once, but as you can see from the video, I started off with 5331 Cactus Cash.

Maximizing Power-Ups Per Game: Direct Support

Poppit! Bingo game not working or loading

Do not pop balloons unless your power-up meter is active. While Spike’s balloon is inflating, just wait. This can be hard to do if you’re playing four cards and struggling to keep up to begin with. To alleviate this, you can memorize the numbers of the first three balloons and pop everything else.

meter becomes available. Once it does, pop the two B4s and O67 and your power-up will be immediately available.

meter becomes available. Once it does, pop the two B4s and O67 and your power-up will be immediately available.

If a called number is on a Golden Balloon, that’s a great setup since you’ll only have to remember and pop one number

Poppit! Bingo game not working or loading
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The point is to be able to use (or trash) the power-up as quickly as possible once it’s available so it starts recharging for the next one — more power-ups per game equals more opportunities to get ahead of other players.

Something to note about the power-up meter as it recharges: there is about a 2-second lag between when the power-up meter displays as recharged and when it registers the first balloon popped.

Spike’s balloon inflated and showed the power-up meter lightning bolt, immediately I clicked on B14 on the upper left card, but the meter didn’t register a pop until I clicked B14 on the bottom left card.

Systematic, Focused Scanning

Poppit! Bingo game not working or loading
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As you can see from the location of my mouse pointer in the video above

I systematically check each column on the cards to see if the called numbers are there. While I’m scanning, I only look at the rightmost digit in the number. For example, for the case of G59, I am only looking for a 9 in the column.

If I find it, then I check to see if it’s a 49 or a 59, and if it’s a 59 I pop it. I’ve found this is an effective way to play multiple cards.

In Summary of
Poppit! Bingo game not working or loading

  • Use only the Golden Balloon power-up
  • Always have 3 balloons to pop for the power-up meterUse the Cactus Cannon at the end of the round
  • Your mileage may vary, but I’ve found this to work very, very profitably most rounds.
  • Bonus Tips: Free Tickets & Power-UpsDo not forget that you can just load the game every day to get a stash of tickets to use to play.
  • For example, at level 0 you will receive 5 tickets daily and the fifth day will give you 15. At level 8, you will receive 35 tickets daily, with the 5th day giving you 105 tickets. The ticket numbers grow by level from there!
  • You will earn power-ups each time you reach a new Level in the game — that’s how I ended up with more than I started with in the video.
  • Aside from the Cactus Cannon, you should only spend your Cactus Cash on power-ups,
  • since you’ll receive plenty of tickets through regular gameplay and earn more than enough Cactus Cash as well (especially using the techniques above).

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