How to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Emails from AOL?

Emails get deleted from time to time and this happens quite often. Some get deleted because it’s no longer of use to the user, and in some cases, it gets deleted accidentally. Even AOL email users face this situation quite often. Imagine being in that situation where you have been waiting for an important message from your boss and right after you get it, it gets permanently deleted unknowingly or accidentally. Isn’t that a horrible situation to be in? And everyone knows that deleted emails end up in the trash folder and it remains there for a period of 7 days and after which, it will get permanently deleted.

So till the time, it is in the trash, you can always retrieve it. But what happens when it gets removed from the trash folder as well? You might think that it’s gone forever, but it isn’t. There is a way you can retrieve permanently deleted emails from AOL. So if you are curious to know how you can do this, feel free to give this blog a read. However, if you are intent on getting the information from an expert instead, contact AOL customer service.

Before you begin with the steps, just check the trash folder one last time to check if you have actually lost it permanently. If it is still there, then its good news.

Steps to Restore Permanently Deleted Emails from AOL

  • The first thing you need to do is run an email recovery software.
  • After this, find the hard drive or a specific location where save lost email files and folders.
  • Now, open or launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and click on the ‘scan’ button.
  • Once the scan is complete, if the recovery tool detects any deleted emails it will be shown in the ‘deleted files’ section.
  • You may also check the ‘Drive X’ folder for the deleted email, in case you couldn’t find it in the deleted files section.
  • Another way is to type it in the ‘search or filter’ box to locate the emails faster.
  • After you have found the emails, click on the ‘recover’ button which is located in the bottom right of the window.
  • Finally, save it to a folder or a location of your choosing.

Applying this method of using an email recovery tool is an effective way of retrieving deleted emails. Keep these steps in mind for future reference or you can come back to this blog. However, if you notice any strange errors or peculiarities, get in touch with AOL email support for professional help.

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