How to Resolve TurboTax Error Code 65535 “Unexpected Error”?

Learn How to Resolve TurboTax Error Code 65535: Unexpected error

Various factors can cause the runtime errors like error code 65535 during the program installation. In that case, you have to resolve each of the possible issues to stop the unexpected error from recurring. You can exit the error window and try reinstalling the program. If the reinstallation still doesn’t work, you can restart your computer and then install the TurboTax again. If the problem continues, follow these steps:

Solution 1 – Download the fix-it tool and run on your computer to repair the installation program if you have to face the error code 65535 during the TurboTax program installation through the CD. If it doesn’t help, go to the next workarounds.

Solution 2 – If the error code 65535 continues and you’re unable to install the program, try the following steps:

Windows 10 users:

1. Right-click the Windows taskbar, and then choose the ‘Task Manager’ option.

2. Find the ‘Intuit update service’ section in the process tab and click to end the running process.

3. Move to the ‘Details’ tab and find the ‘MSIexec.exe’ file. Close all tasks that are still running. It may be more than one.

4. After that, use the TurboTax installation CD to install the program on your computer.

Note- If you want to check the tax refund status, you can ask the TurboTax refund tracker process from TurboTax customer support experts.

Windows 8/10 users:

1. Right-click the Windows taskbar at the lower of the window and choose the ‘Task Manager’ option. Choose the ‘More details’ option if there are no tabs available in the task manager.

2. Click the ‘Services’ tab and ensure that the status of the MSIserver is not displayed as the ‘Running.’ If it shows Running, it means that the Windows is now installing any program or Windows Updates.

Note – Before you try to install TurboTax program, ensure that another installation completes and the MSIserver status displays as Stopped.

Windows 7 or Vista users:

1. Right-click the ‘TurboTax’ icon and choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ option to reinstall the TurboTax program on your Windows computer.

Solution 3 – If none of the solutions as mentioned above worked, or you’re using the Windows XP, try these steps:

1. Sign into the computer using the Administrator privileges. If you don’t have the admin rights, you may not be able to install the program.

2. Turn off the security software or online backup tool temporarily to continue the installation process. The disabling process may vary, so first check the user’s manual to know the instructions for your software.

3. Try installing the TurboTax software again by following the step-by-step guidance.

4. Now, turn on the security or backup software you turned off earlier after installing the TurboTax for Windows successfully.

Solution 4 – If you continue to receive the error code 65535 “Unexpected error” during the TurboTax installation process after trying the above-given steps, it’s possible that something else is causing the problem. At such time, you should run the further troubleshooting solutions with the assistance of professionals to fix the issues.

Solution 5 – If the above workarounds don’t fix the error, you can start your Windows computer in Selective Startup mode that allows you to disable unnecessary applications and services that may be conflicting with the TurboTax installation. If you’re facing issues when trying to upgrade the TurboTax, try to perform a manual update to download and install the latest release.

However, if you have received a tax notice from the IRS and didn’t want to do, click on the following link to check information on how to handle when you receive a TurboTax IRS Notice.

Methode II

TurboTax is an outstanding software for the preparation of taxes and filing taxes online. Many people all around the globe appreciate the features and working potential of TurboTax software. Although, it’s not hidden from anyone that, TurboTax software deals with technical issues sometimes. One of the most common issues TurboTax users while working on this software is ‘TurboTax Error 65535’. This error shows on your screen when you try to install and update TurboTax software on your computer.

There are several factors available, due to which this error occurs. This error can appear on the screen of your computer due to the improper installation of the software, corrupt download files, corrupt windows registry. If you are also a TurboTax error, and your computer screen is also showing this Error 65535, then read this blog and get every single detail about this Error. You can call on TurboTax helpline number to get more details.

Steps to Fix TurboTax 65535 Installation Error

TurboTax Error 65535 occurs due to several factors, but this error can be resolved by some troubleshooting techniques. Follow given below steps to solve the TurboTax Error 65535.

Technique 1. To fix the TurboTax Error 65535, download the Fix-it tool from the official website of TurboTax. Install this tool on your computer completely, then restart your computer. After the proper installation of the Fix-it tool on your computer, run the tool to fix any error with TurboTax software. You shouldn’t face any issue with TurboTax software anymore, but if you are, then try further steps.

Technique 2. If you are still unable to update and install TurboTax software, then try these steps:

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista users

  • Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ which will open the Task Manager.
  • Click on the process tab. Look for ‘Intuit Update Service’ and close the running process.
  • Go into the details section and find the MSlexce.exe file. Then close the running task.
  • Then take the TurboTax installation CD, put it in the CD-Drive and start the installation.

For Windows XP users

  • Disable the Firewall or any other security software from your computer.
  • Sign-in as the Administrator in the computer.
  • Reinstall TurboTax software again.

Hop, the Error you are facing is solved now. But if you continue to face the TurboTax Error 65535. Then call on TurboTax customer care number and get the assistance of professional techies. These techies will provide you the exact solution of your problem.

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