Dragon Dictation Problem :Following are some regular issues clients involvement with correspondence in Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking .

You can fix a considerable lot of them by utilizing the Correction menu box, or by word or vocabulary preparing:

Sound-alike words: When two words ordinarily solid precisely indistinguishable, even human speakers commit errors.

The manner in which that people recognize single word from the other is by the specific circumstance. That is the means by which Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  works, as well.

  • On the off chance that it didn’t work that way, you couldn’t state a sentence like
  • “It was unreasonably far for two individuals to go to buy two tickets” and have any expectation that
  • Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  would get it right.
  • Vocabulary preparing and utilizing the Correction menu box will reduce this issue somewhat.
  • Directions as content: Sometimes, on the off chance that you state, “Go To End of Line,
  • Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  will type those words as opposed to playing out the order. One arrangement that may work is to delay in all respects marginally before talking those words.
  • Another arrangement is word preparing.
  • A handy solution is to hold down the Ctrl key while talking an order,
  • which powers Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  to translate your expression as a direction.
  • Content as directions: Sometimes you need to really type something like “go to finish of line,”
  • however Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  rather deciphers your articulation as an order. Abstain from delaying when that express, in the event that you can.
  • A convenient solution is to hold down the Shift key while managing, which powers
  • Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  to decipher discourse as content.
  • Additional words: If Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  gives you little, additional words in your content,
  • it might be deciphering mouthpiece clamors as words.
  • Ensure the receiver isn’t before your mouth, or
  • else it will get modest puffs of breath and translate them as words.
  • (Additionally, if material, ensure the mouthpiece spread isn’t brushing against your facial hair or mustache.)
  • Abbreviations and other non-words: Contemporary English uses a great deal of abbreviations, shortenings, initials, and other flighty words. You can add these terms to Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  by utilizing the Vocabulary Editor.
  • You can likewise include them by talking them and after that redressing the
  • Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  understanding with the “spell window.”
  • The Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  vocabulary as of now incorporates numerous regular truncations.
  • On the off chance that Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  supposes it hears initials, and those initials aren’t generally in its vocabulary,
  • it underwrites them and puts a period after each letter.
  • Email addresses: If you utilize a specific email or web address a great deal,
  • you can add it to your vocabulary like other “non-words.”
  • Otherwise, you can say an email address, for example, <person>, much like you would in discussion. To ensure everything is
  • lowercase, state, “No Caps On,” at that point say the email address, and after that state, “No Caps Off.”
  • For the location itself ([email protected], for example), state, “<person> at organization website.”
  • If you are getting spaces inside the name in the email address,
  • you can likewise raise the Spell window and include it there.
  • Web addresses: Use the “No Caps On” and “No Caps Off” directions
  • as proposed in the previous projectile to anticipate capitalization.
  • Talk a web address in the structure, “w spot <company> website.”
  • For a full location, (for example, state, “h t p w dab <company> website,” saying nothing regarding the colon or cuts.
  • Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking  includes the colon and slices and perceives the
  • terms com, gov, mil, net, organization, and sys similarly as you would ordinarily say them.
  • On the off chance that you lean toward, you can verbally illuminate the letters in those terms

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